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I’m lovin’ it

We have been working with McDonald’s for over 10 years. We provide a wide range of services from in-store materials to brand advertising. We’re very proud of the latter which over a number of years has won some of the most prestigious international awards, including Cannes Lions for three consecutive years - bringing global recognition to TBWA Thailand.


"Who is it that loves us more than life?" "Who is it that always cares?" "Who is it that loves us for who we are?" "Her love is never exhausted. Who is it?" This is an excerpt from the Thai Mother’s Day anthem which the whole country sings around Mother’s Day. For Thais nothing brings them closer to motherly love than this anthem. Our Mother’s Day campaign for McDonald’s featured posts all of which started with the phrase “Who is it that…?”. Once posted on Facebook we waited to see if consumers would respond. In fact it was picked up right away generating series of consumer posts all answering the “Who is it that?” question and creating another ‘I’m Lovin It’ moment.